FemTechNet is a collaborative network of feminist scholars, artists, and students promoting research in gender, media, science and technology. We envision a new model for open-access, multimodal publishing that will provide a prototype for collaborative research, publication, and pedagogy in the humanities and social sciences.


This Site is a detailed documentation of one of the first beta courses offered by the FemTechNet DOCC (Distributed Open Collaborative Course).


The FemTechNet DOCC enables scholars, students, and artists all over the world to participate in courses, contribute to ongoing research, and network within the community.


The FemTechNet Learning Tools offer scholars and students within the FemTechNet network access to and engagement with a variety of learning objects and tools like Keyword and Dialogue Videos. The FemTechNet community also offers descriptions of object assignments which ask students to translate their understanding of the work through performativity.


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